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  Los Angeles based designer LENA BERNARD started making jewelry over 15 years ago... having perfected her craft in Florence, Italy she defined her worldly style from the very beginning... being featured in both Vogue Gioiello & Vogue Italia already at age of 25, Lena has been internationally recognized as "designer to watch"!

Lena was born in Stockholm, Sweden, raised in Malibu, California and now lives in Bali, Indonesia.

On being Swedish: Swedes are very patriotic, and I have to say I am too... they say you can take the girl out of Sweden but never Sweden out of the girl, its so true. Summers swimming & sailing in the archipelago, hiking in the pine forests, and gazing at the midnight sun...it's deeply rooted in every aspect of who I am."

On growing up in Malibu: "MLO" Southern California made a huge impact on my style, I'm a bit of a bohemian-rocker & that's definitely from my years there. Malibu epitomizes beach bum + Hollywood glam, but with a bourjeoisie edge of course... it's home & always will be, Malibu rocks!"

On living in Bali: "I get so much inspiration living in Bali with all the artistic techniques that are centuries old. Bali lets me create without limits, the real world is so far away... my back yard is a rice field, I see volcanoes out of my windows, black sand beaches are 10 minutes away & I have Hindu ceremonial offerings on my doorstep... I'm aw-struck everyday!"

Between conducting her business in the United States, living with her family in South East Asia, and with her roots & heart in Europe, Lena's definitely a globetrotter & its reflection lies in her jewelry.
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